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Dynamo / Bill-Acceptor Pool Table


This kit brings full, upgraded ZD-X functionality to owners of Valley, Dynamo and Metro Coin Pool tables built prior to 2010. Add the bonus pricing, league dues, happy hour, adjustable base coin, program copy and many other features previously exclusive to the Panther ZD-X.  This kit also includes a 12v/18a Battery and high performance charger to take full advantage of the ZD-X Battery Protection software.  You may use your existing ICT Bill Acceptor, or upgrade to the MEI Bill Acceptor offered separately on this site.

Kits are built to order with a fresh battery and may take a few working days to prepare for shipment.  Because kits have a fresh battery - we recommend using them within a few weeks of ordering, or keeping the battery charged until use.

The Great 8 v7.5 PC Board set was discontinued in 2013 and is no longer available.  We strongly recommend upgrading your table to the current standard.

YOU CANNOT USE THIS KIT to upgrade a non-DBA pool table or any other pool table other than an ICT-equipped Valley Great 8, Dynamo Pro Plus or Metro Coin to the ZD-X standard.

While we will exchange any warranty-failure items, there are NO RETURNS ON ZDX KITS


Part Number: 030200100


Price: $429.00