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Dynamo / Bill-Acceptor Pool Table


Need to upgrade more than one Great 8, Pro Plus or Metro Coin?  To help upgrade your route we offer the Upgrade Six Pack. 

Your Valley Great 8 can add the bonus pricing, league dues, happy hour, adjustable base coin, program copy and many other features previously exclusive to the Panther ZD-X. This kit also adds a 12v/18a Battery and high performance charger to take full advantage of the ZD-X Battery Protection software.  You may use your existing ICT Bill Acceptor, or add the MEI Bill Acceptor offered separately on this site.

Kits are built to order with a fresh battery and may take a few working days to prepare for shipment.  Because kits have a fresh battery - we recommend using them within a few weeks of ordering, or keeping the battery charged until use.

For convenience and reduced shipping costs, all 6 kits are combined for shipping, boxed as if shipping together and cannot be drop-shipped separately. This is how we can offer the discounted pricing.

THIS KIT DOES NOT allow upgrade of a non-DBA pool table to add a DBA, or for any other pool table other than an ICT-equipped Valley Great 8, Dynamo Pro Plus or Metro Coin to the ZD-X standard.

While we will exchange any warranty-failure items, there are NO RETURNS ON ZDX KITS


Part Number: 030200100


Price: $2,400.00