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Valley / Ball View Doors


Barrel Lock used on current production Valley Push Chute pool tables: Ball View Door and Clean Out Door.

Each lock will have the same 54 code key.  Order these only if you want identically/master keyed locks.  If you order five of these locks, all five will come with an identical 54 code key.

Our C512 locks have been discontinued, but other than their keying they are functionally identical..

About locks: we use these locks on new table production every day without fit issues. Current doors with laminates may be slightly thinner than on older tables, and current locks may have slightly fewer threads than those used on older tables.  The lock length remains unchanged.  Using current locks on older tables may require a little work with a hand held rotary tool on the inside of the door to allow for proper fit. 


Part Number: 21200560


Price: $8.95